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                         SEAN SMITH, CPT



Sean Smith is a certified personal trainer and life coach who has been in the industry for 16+ years and has an extensive background in weight training, nutrition, weight loss, and contest prep for competitors. He also has experience in sports training and rehabilitation. His sports background includes football, basketball and baseball.  Sean has overcome many obstacles in his life including 2 cardiac surgeries. He hopes to continue to help others overcome obstacles in their life, while motivating them to acheive personal goals. Sean has also been a competitive bodybuilder in the NPC since 2000 and has been helping other competitors with their nutrition, training and posing for the past 8 years.

Sean & Heather Smith

Sparta Fitness & Wellness is  a family owned and operated boutique Fitness and Wellness facitlity located in The Woodlands, TX. It is owned and operated by Sean & Heather Smith who reside in The Woodlands, TX with their 7 children.


Sparta Fitness started as a personal training studio to help clients achieve a lifestyle change by focusing on all aspects of wellness including mind, body and spirit. Over the years Sparta has expanded to include wellness and hormone therapies.


 Sparta Fitness & Wellness has expanded to a new full service, cutting edge facility offering a friendly, personal and positive environment to include gym memberships. Our on site wellness center offers hormone analysis and replacement therapy, Biote hormone pellet therapy, nutrition and nutrient testing, B12 and lipo B injections,  IV vitamin nutrition therapies and more.


Call us for a complimentary consultation 281-771-5988 or stop in Sparta gym of The Woodlands TX today!!!

                     HEATHER SMITH, WHNP-BC



Heather Smith is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and mother of 7 children. She graduated with her Masters of Science in Nursing in 2012 from UT of Houston and currently practices at Sparta Wellness specializing in hormone therapy and weight management. She is also a certified Biote provider. Heather began weight training & competing in 2011 to get her body back into shape after having 5 children including triplets. She also just recently gave birth to twins in November 2015 making a total of 7 children! She hopes to motivate other women and mothers to acheive and maintain healhty lifestyles, optimize their health and stay active. Heather is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Posing Coach and National level fitness competitor in the NPC.



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